Honeytiger is a Philadelphia indie-rock garage-pop duo. Their debut album "Half Clean" was released in 2016. Listen to Honeytiger's music right here at honeytigerband.com or at honeytiger.bandcamp.com for free download.

What you're viewing above is Honeytiger's official music video for the song "As It Will Happen" from their first album Half Clean. Directed and edited by Dan Yowell and Josh Glauser. Actors include Eric Greene, Katie Elkins, and Mahalia Yowell. Filmed on iPhone 6s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (the hometown of Honeytiger), this video is good. May it bless you with its visuals and make all your dreams come true. Like it, share it, care for it, treasure it, mention it to your coworkers. Watch it when you wake up, watch it when you go to sleep, watch it in your sleep. Sweet dreams.