Honeytiger is a Philadelphia indie-rock garage-pop duo. Their debut album "Half Clean" was released in 2016. Listen to Honeytiger's music right here at honeytigerband.com or at honeytiger.bandcamp.com for free download.

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West Philly House Show - ANIMALS

The Greenhouse is ready to kick off spring semester with an animals themed show featuring some of our favorites!

Check out:
Honeytiger: https://honeytigerband.com/
Nematode: https://www.instagram.com/nematode.band
Bison: https://www.facebook.com/BisonTheBand/
Space Donkey and the Moon Bouncers (you know them already hehehe)

Can't wait to see you all again! Message myself or any of the listed admins for the address.

Earlier Event: December 8
The Woods