Honeytiger is a Philadelphia indie-rock garage-pop duo. Their debut album "Half Clean" was released in 2016. Listen to Honeytiger's music right here at honeytigerband.com or at honeytiger.bandcamp.com for free download.

Good How Are You Fest

  • Slime Time Live Philadelphia, PA USA

Paper Scissors MediaTralfamadore, and Slime Time Live are super psyched to bring you the first ever "good how are you FEST!!!"

2 Days of music!!!
May 6th and 7th
$8 for one day pass
$14 ($12 in advance) for two day pass
Tralfamadore and Slime Time Live, South Philly


Trash Boy / Secret Nudist Friends / Blushed / Honeytiger / Stuyedeyed / Full Bush / Talay / The Rizzos / A Deer A Horse / xo alice / Yeenar / Mud Guppies / Ocelot / Rentboy / Elissa Janelle Velveteen / Busy Bee / Kelsey Cork & the Swigs / Yuppie Angst / Wyldflowers / Snu Snu Dolls / Balding / Gravers Lane / Cardinal Arms

Ticket info coming soon....