Honeytiger is a Philadelphia indie-rock garage-pop duo. Their debut album "Half Clean" was released in 2016. Listen to Honeytiger's music right here at honeytigerband.com or at honeytiger.bandcamp.com for free download.



Smoldering in the grass

The cigarette that the two girls passed

So cool, their tortoise shades

And their flowing clothes and their skinny legs

Imprints smooth from the green blades

Impress the grass stains into my heartache

MD truth fever MA

Moving my earth shakes

Two lips on parade




Lay back in the sun

The weightless touch of the honey runs

Meet me in your tinted lens

I’m steady now, right above the rims

I taste youth in your sweetness

Cruel as your tongue quips

Magnolias and violets

Light little muse, what you wanted

Lips slightly parted

Heart so unguarded