Honeytiger is a Philadelphia indie-rock garage-pop duo. Their debut album "Half Clean" was released in 2016. Listen to Honeytiger's music right here at honeytigerband.com or at honeytiger.bandcamp.com for free download.





Did you bite your tongue? Come here, darling, let me see

What colors was your gradient love? Your strawberry blood.

Rolls over your lips and it lines your neck

Oh but it’s fine your dress is black

I’m not turned on unless you’re weird (down) (you want)  ok maybe a kiss


Is it midnight?

One fifty five.

One fifty five.

That’s too tight.


I’ll buy you a [soft] pretzel if you’re good

Will you behave? Alright, yes, ok.

You wipe off the salt, but no, no, not all of it

We’re lost, but it’s fine

We’ll get shot in the night

Oh ok right, I wasn’t planning to survive